Sunday, July 27, 2008

Concubine Rocks

My little brother Colt just released his first album! I am so excited to get my own copy. He and his band have been working together for years and have finally got some of their hard work together on cd.

Ever since he was a little boy, Colt has had a guitar in his hands. I remember my mom used to bribe him to practice the piano with guitar time. Weird! For every 15 minutes he played piano he could play his guitar for 30, or something like that. He is an amazing bassist and guitarist as well as a song writer. I think he is a musical genius. Not only can he rock, but he understands the theory behind it all which I've never quite got. No matter what we are listening to he can tell me if it is a rumba or a salsa and what time/key/instrument, etc the song is in. Overall, I think he is pretty amazing.

In junior high he played the National Anthem on his guitar in an assembly. Later that week a friend at BYU told my sister about this amazing guy who played at the junior high school, who wouldn't believe he was a junior high student (probably esp hard with the beard he has been growing since 6th grade!). In high school, he was a finalist in a battle of the bands competition at Muse Music from over 20 bands, mostly from college, and his songs are played on the local KOHS station, Utah's most popular alternative radio station. I am amazed at how much he has done musically at such a young age.

Congrats Colt! You can catch a few of his songs now on my blog, all written and performed by his band Concubine.


MrColtonJackson said...

haha ah thanks erin.

brenna said...

i can't wait to get my copy! I was supposed to get one yesterday, but it never happened :(