Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I feel like an idiot.

I have been working in the Oral Surgery clinic at school, earning some money by taking out teeth over my summer break.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a patient that was pretty overwhelming with her chattiness. This morning when she came back, I really did not feel up to facing her. When the clerk asked me to take it I asked if I could have the other patient up for that time, if someone else could take her. She seemed miffed and asked why. When I told her I felt a personality clash and just not up to it, she gave me a hard time. One of the residents was there and told me that if I am an oral surgeon it doesn't matter if there is a personality clash. She told they weren't paying me to do nothing. They both seemed pretty annoyed.

I feel really bad now. I could have handled the patient but I felt she would actually do better with someone else. I didn't think requesting a different patient would be a big deal, it's not like we don't do that among each other.

I just feel like, man! I make stupid mistakes all the time. Something I thought would be a minor thing feels like I now looks like a slacker in Oral Surgery or something. So much for getting extra experience and helping them get to know me more!


Bob said...

I think the two of them made more of this than necessary. I dont think it is uncommon for someone to prefer not to work with someone that is not a personality fit. They are the ones that blew it out of proportion.

MrColtonJackson said...


Dave said...

If you haven’t already done so, own up to it, apologize and learn from this. Right or wrong they have all of the power. The key when you apologize is to be professional and not escalate the situation, --and emotionally move on.

There is an old saying that is very true; "You can't fake experience". Learn from this and realize that with "experience" and sometimes it is just "life experience", you can better navigate some of these situations.

BTW, if you are perceived to be the bottom of the pole you need to be very careful asking for any special considerations.

Also, my final point; I don't think what you did was that big of deal, but you probably threaten their office culture and saw the consequences of that.

brenna said...

That's too bad. I'm sure it will all be fine in the end though. No worries :)

Amber said...

Remember when I crossed my principal as an intern? Couldn't be any worse than that. I'm just glad I learned that valuable lesson then, rather than in a real job. Learn from being a student so you can be a professional later.

Also, maybe you should've been a counselor. In the counseling world, that is often called "being ethical."

PS. Anytime I have a bad attitude about seeing a particularly high maintenance client, it ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE TIME comes back to bite me in the butt. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Every interaction I dread turns out to be the best I've had with that client--several times, these clients come to simply let me know how fabulous I am--now that's a call to humility!