Thursday, May 29, 2008

Treatment Progress

So, only about 1 month left of my junior year of dental school. Crazy how time flies.

So far, things are going very well. I have had a few hang-ups and my one Super Block crying episode (everyone gets at least one) last week, but overall I feel I am making progress.

Here is some of what I have done:

Endodontics: 3 molar Root Canals, 1 anterior tooth root canal, 1 internal bleaching (in progress)

Prosthodontics: 1 Complete upper/lower denture, 1 lower denture, 1 removable partial denture, 2 porcelain/metal crowns.

Periodontics: not worth mentioning...I have cleaned a lot of teeth!

I am continuing my work on 2 more crowns, another complete set of dentures, and an anterior bridge.

Wish me luck to get done on time. It doesn't sound like a lot but I have spent hours (or more like days in most instances) with each patient. They have overall been so patient and helpful.

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