Friday, May 23, 2008

Denim controversy

Has anyone ever heard that you are "not supposed to wear denim skirts to church?"

We are helping with youth conference and one of the "standards" was no denim skirts for our "Sunday dress" day. I know I have at least a few denim skirts and know many many girls who wear them. I don't think I know of any documentation on that.

I don't like when Mormon culture gets dictated as rules! I am guessing this is the case here.

What have you heard? Any other "rules" that bother you?


Rachel said...

hey. i did a little time in youth stuff. What I have heard is that people think denim is more casual, promoting casual behavior. I think it is culture and not rule. if its modest, I think they should be able to wear it.

Amber said...

I wear denim and do not feel wicked or sacriligous for doing so. I could MAYBE see keeping the demin skirt at home when going to the temple because it is casual, but that's just lame. Do they require that boys don't wear polos (or even polos without ties)? I am predicting the standards for guys are not equivalent.

Diana said...

I have heard of some stakes invoking that rule. I don't really agree with it, though. (Will I be struck by lightning now??)

If the problem is that denim is too casual, then what about all of the casual ties that many young men/men wear (cartoon characters, etc.)? Will we start to regulate what patterns their ties can have?

I love how versatile a denim skirt is. Owning a maternity denim skirt prevented me from showing up naked to church many Sundays during my pregnancy. Now what do you think they would prefer: a nude pregnant lady or a 'no denim' rule?

MrColtonJackson said...

denim is the creation of satan and girls that wear it are indeed evil and immodest. It just makes me sick to see girls that choose to be walking pornography, especially in a church setting.