Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bad Breath Busters

So I have been looking for a good product to fight bad breathe. I figure this is an important marketing ploy for myself. No one wants a dentist who has bad breathe for two reasons: 1. with all of the up close and personal time in the chair and 2. how good of a dentist are you if you have halitosis?

So, I was glad when we had a lecture by our pharmacist on good suggestions only the next day.

My favorite is a zinc concoction called Tri-Oral. You can get it from your dentist. Or, there is an OTC version called SmartMouth. We got some at WalMart to try for only about $10. It comes in two bottles. You put a few squirts of each into a cup, swish, and whallah, good breath for about 8 hours! Abe and I have been using it and I can see, it really seems to work. A similar zinc product is in Crest Pro Health Night if you are looking for a Toothpaste.

As far as what to stay away from, the whitening mouthwashes are all a hoax so stay away from the white bottles, they aren't worth the extra money. The only way to whiten your teeth is to use high concentration agents or with long duration. A mouthwash is neither of these.

Most commercial mouthwashes such as scope are only perfumes that will last about 10 minutes. Listerine can be a better option or Lavoris (also has zinc).

Hopefully you can all have happier mouths (and friends)!


Amber said...

That's some really good info! I think I might need to con Brett into using some of that mouthwash... :-)

brenna said...

I have become a little bit addicted to my Listerine. I'll have to try this other one and see if you are correct