Monday, February 4, 2008

Let it snow!

We got dumped on with snow yesterday. For Iowa, we got quite a bit! We made the mistake of going out to visit a couple of friends for birthday cake and to dinner. The snow was deep and the driving very slow. So many people were out getting stuck in honor of the super bowl, I am sure. Parties to get to, beer to drink, you know.

We almost got in an accident when we found a women kneeling in the road in the snow. We drove her home and as we tried to back down her very steep hill came very close to hitting a parked car! Luckily, the parked car had just dug out and was on its way out so they moved and we were able to turn around and narrowly miss another. We made it home eventually.

This morning there is lightning and thunderstorms with rain. This seems so bizarre to me! I have never seen lightning with snow! It seems like such a weird combo to me. I thought wearing my boots to school would have me covered, but I forgot my umbrella!

Any hint of snow in a few days and no patients will come. Schools have been cancelled. I think we'll have a quite Monday. Too bad, since this is our last week in oral surgery.

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Floridagurl said...

I'm a scrub too! I go to Nova. My friend was randomly looking at blogs and forwarded me ur URL. I think I may vaguely remember u from the pre-dental club at BYU. Did you go there? If not nevermind. Anyways, I've found it almost impossible to try to look good wearing scrubs...only cause I'm always too dang tired after studying all night to take the time in the morning. But I have noticed you get a lot more respect from patients and faculty when you do look nice. So I've tried to atleast keep my hair looking good (I blow dry and straighten it the night before when I can and keep it cut) and wear powder and eyemakeup. You get pretty fast at the routine. And there's these cute hairbands I found at target that can add variety to the daily pony tail. Please let me know if anyone else responds to you with cool ideas. I need help too! Good luck with dental school.