Monday, February 4, 2008

externship luck

I got an externship! I am so relieved. I will be spending July 6-13 in Knoxville TN pulling late hours (and hopefully teeth!). I lucked upon it today, actually. I perused their website and found I could get an application by email. I was told they had the availability I needed so I quickly submitted the first part of the application and they reserved my spot. What a relief! Now, if I get another one I'll be set. If not, no worries.

The best part is only a week long instead of 2-4 weeks. This is a plus for me, partly because I am in charge of youth conference (yes, IN CHARGE in charge) smack during the middle of my break, and I'll get a few days of summer. Phew!

Never really been to TN before. Maybe I can visit Graceland!


brenna said...

That's exciting. Congrats!

Amber said...

Congrats! I've been through Knoxville. Wahoo. It is very beautiful there. Maybe you'll have to go to Myrtle Beach while you are down south.

MrColtonJackson said...

i'd love to go to tennessee and visit memphis, or even go to the Gibson guitar factory down there