Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Confessions of an addict

I'm not really allowed any vices in my life. As part of my beliefs, I choose not to participate in many of the common addictions: alcohol, cigarettes, other drugs, even caffeine. That may be why this is such a shocking revelation....I developed an addiction I am struggling to overcome. It started so innocently, an offer by a friend. I started with just a little but it got worse and worse where now I can hardly control my cravings. At least I am willing to admit I may have a problem, but I'm not willing to change...at least not until the season is over...and I may relapse.

I am a Prison Break addict. I realized this more than ever last night when I was home alone until Abe got home late from work. They say that people who drink on a regular basis (everyday) or by themselves can classify themselves as alcoholics. Does this apply to TV?

It started innocently with one episode over dinner. I was a little lonely and bored, a dangerous place to be in my situation but I rationalized, "A lot of people treat themselves with meals, right?" Then, I had to have one more, while I rode my bike, of course, just a half hour. Well, that hour quickly passed (even with me huffing along on my bicycle) but I couldn't stop there, I couldn't leave Michael and Lincoln, wondering what would happen. So, just ten more minutes, to resolve the cliff hanger. Yeah, right, by then I was too far in. I couldn't stop. Afterward, I felt guilty for not waiting until Abe got home to watch it with me (it is something we do together) but I couldn't go back. And now, there is one more episode to watch, the one that aired last night while I got completely caught-up.

I am also participating in addictive behaviors with Lost. We are only in season 2, which means I have potential days of wasting my time! I am trying to keep this one under better control. Prison Break I think will continue to be my drug of choice.

If you have participated in one or more of these activities, you may also be an addict:

-pretending you haven't seen an episode already so your spouse doesn't feel bad

-watching more than 2 episodes in one sitting

-letting it interfere with your daily life and important tasks

-it disrupts your personal relationship ("Honey, shush!")

Let me know if you need to join my anonymous association. All show-aholics are equal, even if it is 24!


brenna said...

The first time i saw FNL, i watched the entire season in 3 1/2 days. I have also pretended I didn't sneakily watch episodes and rewatch them with friends.

Amber said...

I like Lost. I get angry every time an episode ends because they make you think they are finally giving you answers, but the "answers" only leave you more curious.
I used to really love Heroes, too, but I've missed too many episodes.