Monday, February 18, 2008

64 accidents

So Abe and I went to Chicago for a Valentine's Day weekend. We had a lot of fun and had some pretty good Chicago least it was warmer than Iowa City.

On our way home we were a bit worried. We had heard IC had had a huge storm and that the roads had been pretty awful. We were quite lucky, no probs at all until we hit the Iowa border. There was no snow coming down and luckily things were pretty plowed. However, there were some patchy spots that made us nervous.

But, we could see the devastation of the storm. I counted 64 cars off the side of the road, in ditches or the median. I don't know how many I missed on the other side of the road (I only saw 1). Crazy. That is more than one car per mile (it was less than a 40 mile stretch). I felt like I was in the Bermuda Triangle of cars, or at least a car ghost town or something. I kept hoping that every car had been accoutned for and that there weren't any hurt or stuck people within!

And, I decided they are right that SUV's roll. The only cars I saw on their sides or upside down were SUV's...luckily, just a couple. There was everything from little sports cars to semi's.

I'm glad we weren't number sixty-five!