Friday, January 11, 2008


I finally made it to my oral surgery rotation. This is a big event for me because this is on the top of my "I haven't tried it but think I may like it enough to pursue as a career" list.

So far, I have removed 8 teeth, participated in a surgical removal of a tooth (where you have to incise the gums away and use a drill to section the tooth into pieces, rather than use the glorified pliers), and even did an alveoloplasty which means I cut the gums away from the bone and smooth the underlying bone so a denture could fit over the top and sutured it all up. I also got to remove a tooth that was infected enought to cause the swelling of the man's whole left face. Cool!

So, it is going great so far. I may really get into this. I just hope I don't love it too much if I can't get into the program or can't coordinate it into my life.


brenna said...

Wow-- i'm glad you're liking it. That is why you are the one in dental school and not me :)

Amber said...

YUCK! Picturing sliced gums and filing down the jaw makes me queasy. I guess that's why you'll make the big bucks and I'll stay poor talking to people.