Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bike problem resolved

My hopes for clear weather have been dashed. This week it has been miserably cold...windchill of -35. My thermostat said -5 this morning on our way to church. BRRR!

Luckily, just in time, my husband bought us a bike trainer. It's great, because it converts my bike into a stationary bike that you can ride inside! It's pretty great and I am so excited to get in shape (and practice clipping out of my pedals before I fall on my face trying) for riding in the spring with the guys. Maybe I'll eventually be able to keep up and not feel embarassed. I'm going to train hard the next few months!

I initiated my training yesterday. I was amazed how tired I got. I remembered how awful it was when I tried to do a spinning class once at my gym. Phew. I don't have biking muscles right now. Mostly, my behind is sore...not from the hard work my muscles are doing, but from the hard work of sitting on a small bike seat. Such weird contraptions, I always thought they were so small and pointy. The padding in my lance armstrong shorts felt pretty negligible. Do you get calluses on your booty? I only hope it gets better or my dreams of becoming a true Iowa biker may be dashed before I make it onto the road.

I am excited to get some pics of me in my gear riding along my carpet for you all to see!

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