Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Name, New State...Erin Sheffield of Iowa, USA

I finally did it. I made some major changes in my life. I officially became Mrs. Erin Sheffield, or rather, I legally became Erin Sheffield and I became a resident of Iowa. These were both hard things for me to do, but for different reasons.

I had been all pumped and ready to change my IDs to my new name soon after the wedding. However, I could not decide on what name to take. I felt like Erin Jackson Sheffield sounded better and made more sense professionally, but that my middle name was more personal. I also felt bad giving up on my grandma's name or my Dad's name. I felt at a gridlock for over 6 months. I finally decided to keep all 4 (a bit overwhelming) and went to the licensing division to turn in my old ID and name.

But, I am now a resident of Iowa, I guess (thanks for not changing my out-of-state tuition!!!!). That is a little weird. Even though I really like it here (except in the freezing cold winters), who is from IOWA? People probably think I am a hick already. At least I'm a politically involved hick, though. You can't say that for Arkansas, I don't think! Besides, I miss my UTAH when I am not there. I'm sad to feel I have very little claim on it anymore.


Abraham said...

Don't worry. I think that living for the first 22 years of your life and having your parents and all of your siblings in Utah will still give you pretty good claim on it :)

Bob said...

I will always feel like you are a Utahn.