Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ski Utah

Everyone always acts like I am crazy to say that I think Iowa is cold. "You are from Utah!" they say. "Doesn't it snow like crazy there?" My response is usually, "Well, not as much as I used to remember. And it is MUCH colder in Iowa."

Since we arrived in Utah it has continued to snow. I feel bad that I act like people don't know about Utah when they think there is snow. My bad.

We wanted to use the snow to its best advantage but the snowmobiles had too long a line at the shop. Man! We decided to go cross country skiing at the former Olympic venue Soldier Hollow. It was great fun and even though it was -8 outside (still didn't feel as cold as Iowa), we kept very warm burning thousands of calories (I hope, after all of my New Years Party binging). We weren't very good but it was fun. I am exhausted. Every muscle in my body is making itself known.

I still haven't been downhill skiing! Oops. I guess I should claim Iowa now as my home so I don't have to be embarassed.

So forget about skiing, tomorrow I leave back for Iowa to be the precinct captain of my caucus. I'm still not sure what a caucus is, but I have to be in charge of something. History and politics at its best!

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