Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 24


Week 24 -- Viability!

We made it to the accepted time frame that pre-term babies can be born and survive, which seems like a big step! I pray they stay in there cooking for quite a bit longer (they are still so small, despite how big my belly is!). It is amazing being at this point, looking back on all of the waiting and waiting and waiting to even get a positive pregnancy test, next thinking 24 weeks would be so far away, and now realizing today is finally here.

The babies are doing great and I think I am doing great, too! I am starting to feel them much more, mostly at night, low down in my belly on both sides. I guess this makes sense since they are both breech so their little feet are kicking at my pelvis. I think I am glad they aren't kicking me in the ribs, yet.

We are getting more and more ready for babies. Our nursery is getting close with our furniture mostly put together, and waiting on our chair to be delivered next month (who knew they took so long to order!). We have a stroller (although I greedily want a jogger as well), I just bought a diaper bag, and started our registry online ( All of the baby gear is overwhelming -- it seems like you NEED everything and then maybe turns out, hardly anything afterall? Add in the twin factor (how many do I need?) and it is that much more confusing. First world problems, right?!? "I just can't figure out which fancy diaper pail is the very very best!" (Aren't we lucky to have diapers as it is, and now if I find the right garbage can I have the luxury of not taking out them out in the garbage for days!) And even the simple little things you know you need like diapers, bottles, or pacifiers seem to bring out very strong and differing opinions from everyone! Heaven help me in finding car seats! Ultimately, I know it just doesn't matter that much!

Week 24 -- Viability!

Week 24 day 0: Weight: 171.5 lbs (home); 172.8 lbs (office)
Total Weight Gain: 29.5 lbs
BP: 120/62
Cervix length: 4.6 cm (unchanged--yay!)
Baby A: FHR 130 bpm; 1 lb 7 oz (51 percentile); position: breech. And yes, Baby Girl has two feet (they were unable to "confirm" this on the last ultrasound -- I wasn't worried but now it is official!)
Baby B: FHR 160 bpm; 1 lb 9 oz (60 percentile); position: breech
The small size difference is within normal range, as long as they are within 20% of each other (currently a 6% difference). According to the US technician, baby boys often outpace their sisters so things are looking pretty normal.


Mom said...

So good to see and hear. Makes me excited to meet them.

Katherine said...

Yay for reaching this milestone!

And you are absolutely right. It feels that you need everything, but often get by on only a few things. (And go ahead and get the jogger - it's totally worth it. But then I may have a slight stroller problem. I want them all.)

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