Monday, June 2, 2014

The light at the end of the tunnel (is blinding)

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. What does that mean? It's June!

June has always been a great month. The first month of summer. Warm weather. My birthday. But this year it is especially exciting. It is the month I finish my residency!

I can't hardly believe it. After 4 years and 11 months, I am in my last (less than) 3 weeks of residency! It is one of those moments I never thought would actually arrive (for me).

To make it even sweeter, I just completed a month of trauma call (did you notice my long absence?). I have always been one to try my best to enjoy life's moments and not wish my life away waiting for, "only when..." But I can say I have been a little guilty of anticipating the arrival of June 2 and my freedom from call. I had a busy few weeks on top of a serious case of senioritis. So, I may not be feeling quite like myself, even today. I feel a little emotionally frazzled and physically tired. I keep looking for my pager. I keep forgetting it is okay to make plans. But when I remember, I am relieved!

I thought when I got to this month I would feel pretty relieved. Maybe the residual stress of call is getting to me, but I feel a little bit of stress, maybe a touch of anxiety, and some nervousness. I have a lot to get done this month before I jump into my new practice. And I am sure I will continue to encounter a whirlwind of emotions: relief, anxiety, excitement, feelings of sentiment, disbelief, nervousness, and question marks about what is to come next.

18 more days!


Oriens said...

CONGRATS!! You are so so so soooo close! It's nice to see that it happens. Because sometimes, I feel like residency will never end. =)

Rachel Culmer said...

The light is blinding isn't it. :)