Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Grind

I have a whole list of potential blog topics that I've accumulated over the past months. And yet, I can't seem to find ANYTHING to blog about. I know I've been gone a lot lately. I've been itching to post a few musings for your reading pleasure but haven't been able to muster the time, mostly, and the creativity.

So maybe it's just time to type. Maybe something will come to me. Or maybe this will go in the recycle bin. Either way, isn't it so nice to have a holiday? And even nicer to actually be home for said holiday? And even nicer knowing I am not on call? And even better that neither is Abraham! It is a little surreal to do normal people things like be home together on a holiday instead of working crazy hours at the hospital (and home together until Sunday when Abe has to work--couldn't be a PERFECT weekend, but pretty close). In case you were wondering, other normal-people-bliss-inspiring things include going to the bank (when it is open), the grocery store during daylight hours, cleaning your bathroom more than once every 6 months, and having/following a chore chart. I know the grass is always greener but I envy you part time workers and stay at home moms who can do any one of these tasks on any particular day. Sometimes laundry is the best. Mostly because I can never seem to get it done. (Luckily Abe is the one who mostly keeps me in clean underwear and socks.)

So, you ask, what have you been up to lately to keep you away? If you must know, I am finishing my last few weeks of "Clinic Chief" for this latest two month stretch. I've been pulling a lot of late evenings fixing cleft palates and crooked faces or small chins and overbites. I've also been doing the hours of lab work that accompanies these fixes.

To clear up any confusion, I have not been doing much of the following: cleaning the bathroom (I probably have a few more months in there to go before I hit the 6 month mark), dishes, organizing or decorating for the holidays, cooking nutritious meals, exercising more than once per week, etc. I just can't seem to find the time/energy/motivation for much of that.

I try to remember there is a time and a season for everything. I think it may be a woman thing to feel frustrated and guilty about the dishes in the sink and the piles of unsorted mail on the counter. For some reason now matter how many smiles I fix, lives that I change, infections that I treat, I still feel bad about those darn dishes!

I've been craving for a day off to take care of some of that. Lucky for me, I have a few this weekend.

But am I going to do dishes and laundry and clean out my piles of clutter?

Probably not!

Because who wants to spend their day off doing that?

And so it continues!


Suz said...

Don't throw your life away pining about things like this. Do what you can today and try to do a little better tomorrow, but it is a waste of life away to always let yourself feel depressed about things that just aren't going to change. Life is too fragile, too short, and too wonderful to waste.

Lindsay said...

I stay at home, but there are often dishes in my sink and dirty many more fun things to do than clean! Enjoy your weekend and forget about the dishes! Buy more paper plates! :)

Oriens said...

have such a fabulous weekend!!

Abby said...

Even though I love it now, I know the feeling of loving doings grocery/bank trips during daylight hours. For me it's a matter of having control over my own time--I really disliked being on someone else's schedule when I worked. But of course now, while I still revel in the "freedom", I find myself sometimes wondering what I actual accomplished all day, because all I've done is the dishes and laundry but nothing "real". You've fixed faces! So it really does go both ways.