Saturday, August 25, 2012

Put a ring on it


When I married Abraham, I knew he was a good looking guy. As a future doctor I knew this was a risk, because as everyone knows, doctors and nurses have a stereotypical relationship which is often romantic. I knew I’d have to work harder to keep him around with all of the temptations at work (I’ve seen the doctor shows on TV!).

About 2.5 years ago Abraham lost his wedding ring. I was of course disappointed but I tried to remember, “it’s just a ring.” We moved shortly thereafter into our house without any sign of the ring. After that I figured it was gone for good.

I let him roam around ringless for over two years. But when graduation was upon us, I knew this better change as he was suddenly that much more irresistible to women. I had to make sure the other ladies at work knew this good looking young doctor was already taken (although I know sadly this sometimes makes some women more attracted to a man).


I ended up buying him a new ring. I didn’t spend much on it as I figured we better test out his ability to keep the ring in his possession. Within a few short weeks, he amazingly found his old ring! (Glad I didn’t spend much on the new one!) It was in a drawer in our entertainment center that holds our tv. A strange place for it in my mind, but a great surprise over two years and a different house later.



I was very glad he now has his ring when he sent me this text message yesterday:

--A couple of nurses just said that I look like the 50 Shades of Grey guy would look. They said it’s a compliment. Maybe I should hurry home before they say much more!

Yes, run home! and don’t take off that ring. Ever.


(PS this just reminded me of Joseph running away from Potiphar’s wife. Glad I have a husband that is looking to run away from trouble instead of into it.)


Abby said...

Hahaha wow! That is hilarious.

Susan said...

Is that akin to Edward Cullen? Haven't read that one yet.

Kim White said...

I always tell treagan that he can only have 50 year old 200 pound women working for him in his dental offices. I figure that will keep him and I both safe!!!