Saturday, February 25, 2012

The tube

I don’t think of myself as a big TV watcher, but I find I do get sucked into shows very easily. In college I had a few roommates who were hooked on 24. They would sit inches away from the screen, yelling for Jack to get away safely or at his dumb daughter or at the end of the (cliffhanger) episode. They would also stay up all night long watching the entire season. I swore that I would never watch 24. I am sure I would succumb to its wiles and the rest of my waking life (or at least my free time) would be done for. Luckily, most of the shows I am addicted to can be watched later online so I can watch on the weekends or other times when I just need to veg.

Here are my favorites, in no particular order:

Modern Family – this show is a crack up! An awesome funny quick fix (30 minute episodes).  Wednesday night’s on ABC.


Parenthood – Abe and I started watching this last year. It is about a large family and all of the many difficulties families have. Right now I am frustrated that the one daughter wants to have a baby with her boyfriend because “that is the next step when you love someone.” There has been no talk of marriage which in my mind seems like the real no brainer “next step!” Aaaargh!  --see, I’m sucked in for sure. (Tuesday night )NBC?)

The Bachelor

I’m a little embarassed to admit this one, but I accidentally started watching the Bachelorette last season and got hooked. Basically, I think the whole premise of the show is horrible and cruel. Put 25 women against each other, trying to win the love of a single man who within a matter of weeks must choose someone to marry; in the meantime, you must be okay with the fact that your boyfriend you are weeks away from marrying is making out with other girls and may not choose you, anyway. Abe always tells me how awful the show is, that it is the worst show ever. I tend to agree but somehow we both find ourselves watching and discussing it later. I think the 2 hour episodes are a bit much, so I usually tend to catch the last hour. Is anyone else frustrated about Kacie B going home and Courtney staying another week? (Monday night ABC)


Criminal Minds –There are episodes for this on all of the time on Ion television network. This is my favorite crime show (after SVU lost Stabler—I’m too sad too keep watching) about the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI who are criminal profilers set to find killers mid-rampage.


The Walking Dead—this is my favorite somewhat guilty pleasure. It is a story of the zombie apocalypse and a small group of survivors merely trying to survive. It is gory and pretty scary for TV (almost like watching a mini horror movie every week) and I’m a bit embarrassed for that reason when people sit down to watch with me without seeing more than one episode, but I LOVE this show. My new favorite. You can watch the first season (which is only about 6 episodes) on Netflix. The second season is currently on A&E Sunday nights.

Shows I have enjoyed in the past but don’t follow so closely include Law and Order: SVU, the Office. I also loved Prison Break (although the ending was disappointing).

What are your favorite shows? Do you watch any of these?


Brennan and Rachel said...

Erin! We used to watch Criminal Minds constantlyon Ion. But I started to feel like it was messing with my mind and making me paranoid haha. But I loveboth Modern Family and Parenthood. I totally agree about the Sara storyline, so silly. Good choices! :)

Tawnya said...

got addicted to 24 in college myself. Missed a few classes I am sure just watching episode after episode.

Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

Erin so glad that you find a little time to veg once in awhile and watch TV!! It's good for you once in awhile.
I watch modern family... have been temped to start parenthood.. and then I watch The Walking Dead because Adam is still quite obsessed with watching it every week-- so I can't say that I love it but I keep watching it week after week- it freaks me out but at the same time I do have to laugh at the acting and the story line quite often.

Colt said...

This semester i've vegged out after my hw with Modern Family, Archer (cartoon about a secret agent made by the same people as arrested development), and Walking Dead.

I've recently kinda dabbled with the sopranos too.

Last semester it was Dexter and Game of Thrones.