Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Abe

A few months ago Abe did a load of laundry which consisted mainly of our dress clothes, including a bunch of new pants we bought him for work. Unfortunately some bleach went renegade and ruined a bunch of our stuff. Oh man!

Today I was shopping for Abe's birthday at Ann Taylor Loft (Ok ok I got a little sidetracked) and found these dress pants on sale.


photo (1)

Not a great picture but you get the idea.

I quickly snatched up almost as many as I could find in my size. I felt a little guilty, " Come on Erin, it is Abe's birthday and you can't just buy one, you have to choose four?!" But at the checkout I realized they were originally about $70 each. In the end I saved $200 on something I needed to replace the old ones anyway. Yay. I’m good at rationalizing, huh?


I also decided to embrace the skinny jean trend. A few months ago I toyed with the idea, but afraid to commit because I felt they made me look ridiculously un-proportioned, I went with the $14.99 special. I’ve been enjoying them so decided to try another pair today from American Eagle for a decent price (about $30). This may be the first time I ever tried on one, and only one, pair of jeans and walked out with them just minutes later. I find that their jeans tend to fit me pretty well. I’ve tried more expensive brands only to be frustrated after trying on about 15 pairs. What a dream when they fit after the first one! And they don’t drag on the floor, either, which is a perk since I have relatively stubby legs.


Here I am trying them on for Abe. And surprisingly they are super comfy and don’t feel like “SKINNY” make-you-lose-your-breath jeans.

I am curious what brands you like? Does anyone have a particular jean company they recommend? Do you feel it is worth it to spend a lot?


Oh, and Happy Birthday to Abe. (

PS I did buy him a few things but I can’t spoil it for him by talking about that.


Rachel Culmer said...

Funny. I get side tracked too. I'm terrified to try skinny jeans because I feel like I don't have any shoes to go with them. You should just come and help me find a pair.

Tawnya said...

ok, seriously good finds!!

Camber said...

You tried on ONE pair?! Maybe I should get around to trying skinny jeans. It could break my "try on 15 pairs and leave the store in tears" cycle. Well, the tears are an exaggeration. But not the 15 pairs. You look great in them, BTW

Colt said...

I bought a pair of "guess" jeans at a second hand store for like 10 bucks. They have made me happy and I recently got another pair off amazon. My favorite pair of alltime was some japanese designer jeans I bought off ebay for 5 bucks. I have never been able to find another pair since.

Rachel said...

I really like Gap jeans because I have serious curves and need the curvy cut. I have only one skinny pair of jeans and they are gap. I love them. I do think spending money on staples are important. More expensive jeans really do make a difference. If you don't believe me, go try some $200 Joes on and then compare them to the cheaper brands. You will see what I mean. I'd rather have 3 pairs of jeans I love, than 25 pairs that make me feel so-so.