Sunday, June 12, 2011


I think the buzz has mostly died down, but there have been some rumors that BP recently had “plastic surgery,” which she calls “corrective jaw surgery.”
I have been interested to read the comments made by the general public in regard to her surgery. Many have been very unsupportive and have even made accusations that she is a liar and a bad person mostly because they believe she had merely cosmetic surgery and not a correction of any functional problem. Some of the comments are quite vicious, actually!
Check the link below for her explanation and some before and after pics:
I wanted to set the record straight. While I cannot comment on what she had done (I can speculate), “corrective jaw surgery,” or orthognathic surgery, is actually a real group of procedures and something my residency program does for hundred of patients each year. While it can cause hugely positive esthetic/cosmetic changes, it is performed primarily to help in alignment of the teeth and jaws which can be important not just for looks but also for chewing (eating!), speech, breathing, to prevent TMJ problems and tooth wear, etc. Odds are, you know someone who has undergone this procedure in the past.
What do you think? Do you think she looks better now?

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nathan n rachel said...

I think she looks better.