Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big Day

Tomorrow feels like a big day. It’s Amber’s birthday for one (and if you don’t know Amber I guess I should confess that it is mine as well). I decided today that I should celebrate my last day as a young 27 year old. I even ate birthday cake (although it was someone else’s). It feels like a new beginning, partly because…

It is also my last day of my (second) first year of residency! I made it. What a crazy couple of years with some funny stories. Maybe I will have to tell some more when I remember them. Anyway, I am definitely celebrating my time on my own oral surgery team (one more day) before I enter the scary and busy world of general surgery. I have so much to learn! including how much sleep I really need.

---and I cleaned the bathroom! I feel ready. Bring on the appendix removals, the thyroids, colon resections, and gallbladders. My bathroom is sparkly and disinfected. except for the floor. didn’t get that far.

Okay…I realize you are thinking, “Wait a minute. Is she getting excited about cleaning the bathroom? Aren’t you supposed to do that often enough that it isn’t a big deal?”

Yes, you are probably right. But for me, it just doesn’t happen nearly enough. If this bothers you, like I said in my last post, I am taking volunteers for latrine duty.

And we’ll see how clean I can keep it and when I am able to post my next post!


nathan n rachel said... cleaned the bathroom! I'm so proud of you. When I get back from Utah I'll come help clean your house if you need.

Tawnya said...

Well Happy Birthday!!!