Sunday, May 9, 2010


Growing up I thought I had the most normal family ever. I felt very lucky. As I get older, and especially as I have joined a new family, I have started to notice things about us that I thought every typical American family shared only to find out that I was wrong. The funny thing, too, is many of them are things I thought I just did or liked, only to find out it is a common family trait.

  • For example, late high school or college I decided I really liked pie. It doesn’t really matter what kind, for the most part, but I just knew I was quite fond of it. It took me years to figure out that (suddenly) my entire family liked pie. Abe thinks this is quite funny. Before we got married my family had the Sheffield’s over for dessert. Every time Abe had eaten with my family they had had pie. I was pleased to announce that this was not pie, this was custard! However, it basically had a pie crust with a filling and fruit which he argues to this day is a pie, just in a square pan. Oops.
  • In college I suddenly grew a huge awareness of my well endowed booty. Up until that point, I don’t think I even knew I had one. Suddenly, though, it seems everyone had something to say about it. I was shocked when my twin sister told me about how her roommates continued to comment on her cute big butt. As I get older, I can see that this is something I think we all almost share.
  • I love telling stories. In college my friends pointed out to me that I have this quirk of telling animated stories with impressions and different voices. I can’t help it. I don’t even realize I am doing it. Again, I thought this was a unique trait to me until I was home one day and my then 4-5 year old sister started telling a story using the exact same voices. Turns out, every one of us does it.

These are just  a few silly examples. I think the whole discussion about nature v. nurture is fascinating. I have to wonder, who decided they liked pie? Was it an innate trait (I certainly don’t remember anyone ranting and raving about pie to influence me) or did it have to do with the 11 pies my mom made every year for Thanksgiving (for just the 7 of us)? Did my mom or my dad start the funny voice thing, or maybe they were subconsciously attracted to each other for it, or was it one of us kids and everyone picked it up from there? We definitely share some other “Jackson” traits. The “Jackson temper,” the Jackson face, the Jackson love of food.

What are some of the things you share with your family?


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So? What's yer point? ha ha

I know that the voices came from my friend Katy growing up. She influenced a lot of us in our social circle. I don't know if dad brought that same trait with him or if he got it from me but I know we do the same voices now.

Pie? Everyone likes pie...don't they?

Are you saying my butt is big? ha ha