Sunday, May 23, 2010


Abe and I started watching Lost about season 3. We got instantly hooked on a car ride across the country in his family’s van and got caught up with all of the past episodes. It is nice that now you can find all of the episodes online.

Tonight is the finale. 2.5 hours of LOST! I have to admit I am really excited (how many days of my life have I given away to this show?), and also worried I will be very disappointed. It will be interesting to see what questions get answered. I know they will still leave us hanging but I am really hoping they wont leave me with that


Feeling at the end when you didn’t find out what you were hoping to.

I have no idea how it will resolve.


Robyn said...

We're lost fans too! We got hooked around the time season 4 was airing and watched night after night to get caught up with all the prior seasons. We'll be watching tonight too. I hope we're not dissapointed.

MrColtonJackson said...

thats funny. I got frustrated and angry at lost around season 3 once they started adding more people and not answering any questions.