Sunday, May 2, 2010

May flowers



I am so happy it is May! I feel like this month has so many wonderful things waiting around the corner. I feel like with the promise of sunshine and spring that I am ready for more challenges and experiences.

Here are a few of the reasons I am excited for May:

  • It is close to June (but not so hot!)
    • I am again back to thinking about landscaping, decorating, painting, fixing, remodeling for our new house to close in June
    • I will complete my internship! And start orientation to officially begin my residency.
  • A much less busy call schedule. I am so excited to have some time for myself, especially to get caught up on everything I neglected last month.
  • Sunshine—biking, going to the park, living without jackets
  • My brother Colt is coming to Iowa to stay for the summer

I guess mostly I feel relieved for the fresh start of a new month and a new season. I am ready for some added sunshine in my life!

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nathan n rachel said...

I'm glad that April is over with. It was indeed a crazy month.