Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rock and Roll


I was finally able to take some vacation time, the first since October of last year (including holidays, so well over due!). Abe and I were in Utah last week visiting my family.

My brother is a fantastic musician and got my dad into guitar building. My dad’s latest project was to build classic vintage fender stratocaster guitars for all of his now 8 children. Here we are displaying his masterpieces.


We left our guitars in Utah until my brother brings them out by car this summer. I am excited to start playing more now that I have a fancy glittery red with gold fender to blast. We just need to move into our house (so as not to disturb the neighbors) and buy an amp so we can rock!


Isn’t it beautiful? Wish I had a better shot to show it off.


Abe likes his cream with tortoiseshell pick guard.


Amber coordinated her bracelet with her guitar. Stylish!


Brenna and Matt looking like rock stars.


Russell with tobacco stained strat.


Caitlyn’s natural wood strat.


Colton, the only one who really deserves to hold these beauties. His daphne blue strat unfortunately isn’t quite done. Can’t wait to see it.


The man behind the music. And his groupie, my mom. Thanks!



PS if you are interested in a custom-made guitar like these with deluxe fender parts, my dad would love to build one for you. He is running out of projects!


SCHS 2000 said...
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nathan n rachel said...

I had no idea that he made guitars! That's really neat.

Suz said...

I'm glad to have your trip here documented so well. It was great timing on your dad's part to have them all done by you visit. Now we have all these great pics to remember the visit by. I love it!!!