Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Greatest Snow on Earth

I have a confession to make: I am from Utah and before last week I had never been (downhill) skiiing. Shocking, I know. This past week my brother-in-law Russell had free passes to Deer Valley (one of the nicest resorts in Utah –and I guess the world) so I figured this was my chance. I was nervous and fully expected to break my arm or leg when we arrived in Park City.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 032

I was trying to smile and not be too nervous as we took my first chair lift.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 043


Trip to Utah_April 2010 037

I kind of got the hang of it on the bunny slopes. We went on my first real run, on a trail named “Success.” By the end, I didn’t think it was a very well named trail, at least for the part where I couldn’t slow down and I was screaming past the signs that said, “SLOW.” I made it down and I have to say, all of the skiiers were very nice. Even a small boy peered down at me as I lay with my skiis twisted in the snow and asked if I was okay.  Maybe they should have named it something like, “Success if you went on the bunny slopes more than 3 times first.”

Trip to Utah_April 2010 046

Deer Valley really makes you feel like a welcome guest. Abe felt right at home on this run. Go Hawkeyes!

Trip to Utah_April 2010 047

This is why I miss the Utah mountains. It was a beautiful and warm day but we still got snowed on towards the top of the mountain.

Trip to Utah_April 2010 040

Thanks Russ for the tickets! We were sad that Amber couldn’t make it with us.

Overall, I was surprised by how much fun I had. My perfectionistic self made me frustrated that I wasn’t able to do more, especially looking at all of the little kids who were already pros. I was thinking about it and I wondered if there was anything three year-olds were better at than me. I think I have most things up on them, walking, talking, fine motor skills, experience, judgement, brain development. But nope, they definitely have SKIING! Unbelievable how many barely walking children were on that mountain without any trouble. Nothing to make you feel like a total lame-o better than see a little kid in a pink snow suit zoom down the hill past you, stop perfectly, and then be asked, “So when do you turn four?”

Despite the added humility I gained, it was a lot of fun. I am convinced maybe we should get all of our kids skiing as infants to prevent them the shame of being from Utah or kids with a mom from Utah who cannot ski.


Courtright Family said...

That's hilarious, I would've felt the same way. I've snowboarded once but never skiied... but then again I'm from Wisconsin. =) My nieces and nephews started taking lessons when they were like 3-4 and now they are pros at age 7. Crazy.

nathan n rachel said...

Skiing is so much fun! I'm so jealous you went.

Oriens said...

hahahahaha! I love how you described your experience and I am thrilled you went skiing!

Just remember, those little kids might ski better than you but you are going to be an oral surgeon! You can yell that at them while they go speeding past you. It might make you feel better. =) (kidding)

So you said your going to have your kids skiing as infants, but are you going to go again?

Abby said...

Haha I was pretty bad the first time I went skiing, and the first time I went snowboarding I got so frustrated that a few tears leaked out(luckily I had one very patient and persistent roommate who made me go back). I can't believe this was your first time ever! Will you go again?