Monday, April 26, 2010

Privacy Please

I am thinking about going private. I am not a private person. In fact, I often share way too much about myself, which can get me into trouble and is probably the reason I may decide to take the plunge into a private blog.

A few thoughts on why:

My blog is mostly for myself as a way to keep up with family and friends. However, I realize that it may not be friends or family who are reading my blog.

  • Even if you are a stranger and get some enjoyment, if you have friendly feelings towards me I am happy to oblige your readings. But, I realize there is a possibility of having a few creepsters out there.
  • I also know there are some people who may be reading my blog to find information to ridicule or judge me. I don’t really appreciate this motive for reading.
  • Probably the most important reason is to avoid misunderstandings from patients. I know there is a high chance patients may be searching for me online and my personal thoughts and pictures may not be the best medium for them to experience who I am.
  • I also want to have the freedom to post topless photos of my husband, which of course should only be shared with the closest of friends. Or at least pictures of my house without worrying about stalkers. Or pictures of family without compromising their identities.

If I go private, will anyone still read?

I feel very hesitant but it seems like the smartest way to go.


Marci Butterfield said...

I'll keep reading :)
Missed you at church yesterday.

Diana said...

I'll keep reading too. You had me disappointed in your post though when I started to read "topless photos of". I thought it was going to be of you--not Abe! ;)

Do you have a blog tracker on your blog now? I use, and it is helpful to know how your blog is being used. If you're debating the decision, you might want to use this in the interim.

Miss you!

MichiganMarshes said...

I'll still read. We went private for similar reasons (not patients but Rick's clients). We haven't regretted it.

Abby said...

Private blogs are a pain--I don't like them, but I would still read:) I think your third reason makes total sense.

The other reasons make sense too, but number three I TOTALLY get. There's a lot I don't post b/c I don't want my boss to stumble across it.

P.S. Has anyone ever used anything you've posted to ridicule or judge you? Dumb.

Oriens said...

oh I love your list of reasons! But I promise I will still be one of your top readers/commentators.

nathan n rachel said...

I'll keep reading too. I've been thinking about going private as well. Will you still read our blog?

Courtright Family said...

I will be a reader too!

Amber W. said...

I'll still be here!

Maegan and Brian said...

Hey Erin! I came across your blog a while ago through Amber W.'s and I would still read! :)