Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Graduation was months ago. Unfortunately, I was never able to upload any pictures. My computer is being slow but here are a few.

We found these girls on a bar crawl. We thought it was hilarious that their shirts said "Erin" when we felt like it was my day.

We had sushi and a hot pot dinner downtown.

Mr. and Dr. Sheffield (I always wanted that combination in titles...didn't think it would ever really happen, though!). Don't worry, it is soon to be Dr. and Dr. Dr. Sheffield :) Confusing? Can you tell who is who?

Right after I received my degree. Erin Sheffield, DDS (doctor of dental surgery)

Yes, purple is the dental color! And the hoods (the long purple sashes) are quite heavy. They kind of choking, actually.
I was so happy to have my family there for the big event!


shawn said...

congradulations DR. Sheffield!!

nathan n rachel said...

So...who's the Dr. and who is the Dr. Dr.??? Did that make sense?

Suz said...

Good memories. Nice pics. You are Dr. and Abe will be Dr. Dr. because he will be a medical Dr. and a PHD kind of DR. Right??