Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amana Harvest Bike Tour to Cure Cancer

This morning we woke up at 6 am in order to reach Kalona for the start of our bike ride for an early waffle breakfast and 7 am start. We signed up, received free socks, and stuffed our faces with waffles.

Then we were off with our friend Hank. The first leg of the trip was two 22 mile laps. Then, we were off to the next bigger lap. I was going strong until about mile 44 when I had incredible burning cramps in my thighs. I kept imagining the lactic acid sweeping through my thighs, eating up my muscles. I wondered how I could go another 56 miles. Thank you Ibuprofen! We kept going.

I was very happy to reach the lunch stop at mile 54 in Wellman, IA. They had so much food at all of the rest stops and some nice local musicians. I chose the veggie wrap. The guys chose brats and pork burgers (ugh...after 50 miles of riding).

Continuing on with a bit of a second wind, we got slowed up from about mile 60-70. Wind in our faces and typical Iowa countryside, rolling rolling hills between rows of corn and soybeans.

We hit North English and turned out of the wind. Thank goodness. We were finally able to get our speed up (to about 23 mph+) except for the huge hill about mile 70. Wow. Some rain at about mile 75, luckily very light but chilly.

We had one little loop left with about 15 miles to go, on our way to Fry Town. Hills hills hills (poor placement after 85 miles of riding). The last 10 miles were the most difficult as the time crawled slowly by. We made it back but were 2 miles short from our Century. So...of course, we headed back into some big hills before turning back for our 100 mile finale.

In 7 hours 2 minutes of riding (14.3 mph average--we held a very good pace the first half but slowed with the wind and the big hills at the end), we saw beautiful Iowa country side (5 counties) and sunrise, a weasel, cows, sheep, goats, baby calfs living in plastic pod houses (?), horses, many Amish families in horse and buggies, pigs (including some dead ones at a slaughterhouse), and ate lots of snacks (I really enjoyed the peanut butter filled pretzels, actually).

As for post-ride status: my biggest complaints are sore neck and tingly left pinky. I hope I didn't do permanent damage just to say I rode 100 miles (ha ha). We'll see if I an walk tomorrow (which is highly questionable).

Pretty good for my first 100 miles! I beat my last record ride by 45 miles. I think my next one should be in Nebraska instead of Iowa (anyone who has made the I-80 trek should know why). I am glad I did it and hope we helped support the cancer cause, as well.


After 7 hours...

100 miles = Century

Wonder if I will have a thumbs up tomorrow? Don't watch me too closely at church!


Amber W. said...

Good work! I hope you're getting some much-needed rest!

ceo said...

You are a machine! Congrats on biking 100 miles!! I am amazed that you spent 7 hours+ on a bike. wow. wow.

p.s. did you win the race? haha =)

brenna said...

Great job! I can't even imagine! Ironically, matt's brother also, did a 100 mile bike ride yesterday.

nathan n rachel said...

WOW!!! Nice job Erin! I would not have been able to do that.

MrColtonJackson said...


Courtright Family said...

Yay for Erin! I'm so proud that I have a friend as cool as you.

Abby said...

Good job! Nice shirt by Abe. Nebraska is flatter but would also be a bo-ring ride.

Suz said...

That is amazing. I'm proud of you. (So could you walk the next day or not?)

Rachel Kerr said...

wow. thats extreme. I don't know if I'll ever ride a bike again...EVER.