Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where have you been?

I feel like I have fallen off the blog-o-sphere. Here are some of the reasons why:

* Our computer died. This means no easy access. It will be hard to cough up the dough for a new one but it is so hard to go without! I may have to wait for my first real paycheck before this is fixed.
* We were on vacation! We spent a glorious week in the Bay Islands (in the Caribbean) SCUBA diving with my family. NO internet access or phone.
* I have started my orientation for work. This includes hours of multiple computer trainings (I have to use 3 different computer health record systems this year!), compliance trainings, a physical exam, white coat fittings, and even 6:30 am rounding sessions and homework. So far it has been okay...I am still nervous about getting used to things. I HATE the first 2 weeks of a new job!
* It has been SO hot. Who feels like doing anything when it is a heat warning and an index of 108.

I have been assured I will be working up to and probably well over my allotted 80 hour work week starting very soon. We'll see how much blog time I have then!


Suz said...

I'm sure once you get into the groove of it all you will find time occasionally.

The thing I wonder is why no one else has blogged for such a long time?

nathan n rachel said...

Homework...still? Ugh.

shawn said...

OK, what did I miss?? WHERE are you working?? WHAT is your job??? sorry.. I thought I was doing well on keeping up...
vaca sounds fun... and I get the hot thing too.. although not as hot here in MN...