Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I was hoping not to have to come back to the school until my internship begins. However, I just learned that in order to get my license I need a new score report from WREB to submit to the Iowa Dental Board. For whatever reason, the $2000 + I paid for the exam does not cover receiving a score besides "PASS." We were under the impression this would be okay but only recently found out that the IDB needs the real scores before our applications for licensure can be processed.

So, I am back at the school trying to print off a form (our computer hasn't been working) so I can pay WREB another $30 money order for my scores. (Why is this not included in my original fee, by the way? Isn't that part of taking a test--getting a score?)

Trouble is, a girl is printing off what seems like hundreds of pages of notes on the very slow printer. I have about five 15-25 page jobs ahead of me. All for my one page. So I can pay for WREB to get me my scores. So I can get my license late and possibly delay my internship. Beautiful.

I have to be to the bank for my cashier's check before 5:00. Come on girl! I don't think I'm going to make it and I'm not sure I have access to another printer.


Abby said...

Did you get it in time? I hope so! Congrats on graduating:)

nathan n rachel said...

So...what happened?

Erin said...

It seemed to work out after all. The board gave us some extra time to get the scores in without stalling our licenses. Phew.