Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crank Calling

It has been awhile, a busy week or so with a lot going on. On top of that, our computer died. For that reason, I have a funny story to tell and will pass over graduation festivities until I have some picture capabilities.

On Sunday night my sister asked if I knew anyone named "Rosa." Said "Rosa" kept texting her while sis waited for her connection in the Chicago airport. The only clue to "Rosa's" identity was an Iowa number and that they had "met" at my wedding. Two years ago? Strange.

Finally, I checked the phone number of the new text buddy which turned out to be Abe's grandmother's cell. Fishy! Grandma doesn't hardly make calls on her phone--texting would be a large stretch, especially under the psuedoym, "Rosa."

Anyway, to get to the bottom of this, Abe texted Rosa.

Abe: "How's it going? Is this still Jane?"
Rosa: "Sorry, this used to be my grandma's phone."
Rosa: "What I meant to say was, yes this is still me."

That was a pretty hilarious way for Rosa to clue us in to her identity. After some more detective work, Rosa's phone was found in Abe's little sister's drawer. Also, Rosa acting under a new name, sent some other messages, for example to Abe's brother asking where "Jamal from NY" was.

The only mystery now is, how did Rosa get my sister's number?


nathan n rachel said...

That's really weird!

brenna said...

That's funny.

Suz said...

She is so cute. Such a sweet girl.

Caitlyn said...

u.u Thank you though, now I don't have a silly Rosa texting me every ten seconds xDD