Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Private Neighborly Conversations

One of the downsides of living in a condo is the thin walls and neighbors in close proximity. We have had times in the past, parties in particular, where we have been unable to sleep at night. However, most of the times I put up with it, including our upstairs neighbors almost relentless jump roping.

However, last night after a long and tiring day I was unable to sleep due to the conversation our neighbors upstairs were having. Not only was it loud in decibels, it was loud in offensiveness. I was able to hear every word of their conversation. I have at times wondered what guys talk about in the presence of only guys, but I was wishing in this instance that I was not privy. Basically, it consisted of one guy giving another a pep talk on girls, what kind of guys they like (big, confident, being in dental school is a big plus), and what sex acts he would allow a girl to perform on himself according to how hot her body was.

This is where I drew the line. I marched upstairs, pajamas and all and knocked. No answer...they quieted down. I was a little relieved for the lack of confrontation but I still had a few things on my chest.

I wrote a note instead which basically said something like this:

Dear neighbors,

While it is true many girls like big and confident guys, they also like those who are courteous to their neighbors and do not talk too loudly after 11 pm, particularly about how to lure girls into _______ (little sibling eyes do not need to see).

I can't remember the rest, but I wanted to let them know that not only were they loud, but I knew exactly what they were saying.

I also was disgusted to think of how many girls are so free to give themselves away for nothing, that this guy would "let" a girl do something to him even though her body was hot because he saw her running but not THAT hot. That without any kind of regard for who she was as a person he would submit to said act since she was kind of hot. Yuck.

Anyway, I am happy to report I received a very apologetic note on our door for waking us up and because it "also occurs to us that we have made jokes in poor taste recently. Ethically, it would probably benefit us and the community if we raised our moral standards. I personally will make an effort to do so and will encourage my roommate to follow a similar path."

Thank you neighbors for not being defensive and mad and for being apologetic and willing to change. I hope we do not disturb you, either.


Amber W. said...

Man, that's awful! I'm glad that situation worked out for you guys in such a nice way, though. We've had similar experiences that didn't turn out so well. Apartment living stinks sometimes!

Abby said...

All I can think is, "Oooo great blog post." Haha interesting story and you are brave to walk up there willing to confront them!

nathan n rachel said...


You've got guts! Good for you!

Ranip said...

Erin! You are so Brave! Its really so awesome to stick up for your space! Our home is the most important place on earth. No one should feel uncomfortable in their own home! Way to give it to them- in a respectful and professional manner! It sounds like you gained a lot of respect in return! Good for you! I bet your hubby was very proud!

ceo said...

I l-o-v-e your honesty! Way to go! And gosh... how embarrassing for them.
p.s. Want to write a letter to our upstairs neighbor who runs on the treadmill after 11pm?

brenna said...

Good for you! I'm glad it all worked out. Way to help them see the light ;)

Suz said...

I'm impressed that they saw the error of their ways on more than one level and apologized instead of retaliation. I don't think many people would have. Too bad the walls are so thin.

Courtright Family said...

Good for you Erin! Way to stand up to the sleeze balls. Yuck. I'm glad they apologized.