Wednesday, September 30, 2015

35 Week Update

It was almost impossible to capture pictures of the Lunar Eclipse with my iphone

We really enjoyed watching the Super Moon this past Sunday. It was a perfect clear night in Iowa for sitting out to experience it. Hopefully it was a good omen for these babies! We were thinking how strange it was that the next time we will have that opportunity will be when the twins are almost ready to graduate from high school.

35 weeks!
It feels like the last week went by really quickly! Which is great as the end of the second and into the third trimester really seemed to be dragging. These babies really could come at any time and it is hard to imagine that they will be here in less than three weeks.

I made it back to work on Monday and Tuesday. The drive seemed longer than usual but we kept the days a little bit shorter and I seemed to do well. In some ways I seem to have found my second wind, feeling better than I did before going in to the hospital. I feel more mobile and less uncomfortable. I have had more energy. But I also can tell a difference after a few days of working. My swelling seems to be coming back (Hello cankles! And I gained about 8 pounds this week! -- I'm attributing it to fluid), I feel a little more stiff, and tired in the evenings.

My non-stress tests have been going well. Since they have a hard time monitoring twins with the standard doppler, they check heart rate with a non-stress test which for me is now a weekly occurrence. My babies are very cooperative! (So well behaved!) The nurses and doctors really seem to rave every time about how "good" they are. They are usually able to find the heart rates within seconds without needing to search for them again part way through. I am always happy to see them doing so well as I can't always feel my Baby B very well. It was a wonderful surprise that Abe got to pop in and say hello today while I was at the appointment.

I did have a contraction during the test today and I have noted a few at night occasionally during the week which I had attributed to Braxton Hicks. Except for that I went a week without any noticeable contractions. I guess we will see if they continue. It is difficult to really tell what is a contraction as my belly always feels tight! The nurse assured me this was normal with twins since they are taking up so much room and that I'm not clueless or dumb when I can't tell.

My belly seems to be popping out further and further. I am having a harder time finding clothes to fit. My pants don't seem to want to stay up and my shirts either wont go on or are often not quite covering the bottom of my belly. I may have to switch to some of my bigger flowy dresses if I go much further. (Ok I just noticed the picture below...Ha ha! Maybe portions like this have something to do with it!)

Jethro's BBQ in Des Moines -- enough to feed all 4 of us! (Abe, me, and babies)

Abe and I made a trip to Des Moines this weekend to buy some more items off our registry at Buy Buy Baby. Having twins is expensive! It seemed like we bought a lot of stuff and the clerks at the store seemed to agree (longest receipt ever?). I think we are mostly ready with what we need in the beginning. Now, I just need to get it put away and the house cleaned up. It's been a constant process as we keep bringing in more gear which means reorganizing and packing things away and a constant barrage of boxes and packing materials to be disposed of. I have been working to get our basement more organized as well as a place for family to stay after the babies come.

So it is pretty hard to believe we made it here, to 35 weeks. The babies will be here in no longer than three weeks, which when I really think about it, doesn't seem like very long at all (although my body argues differently). I feel grateful I am feeling less miserable and more up for the challenge. And really, whenever they decide to come now I feel confident things will be okay. Although at least another week will be better for them and hopefully give me a little more time to get things in order for their arrival. (I still need to pack my hospital bag, for one. Talk about procrastination!)

Oh, and still working on names. We are having a really hard time with Baby Girl's name.

Week 35:
Weight: 188.9 lbs (up about 8 lbs from last week!)
Total Weight Gain: 46.9 lbs 
BP: 132/84

*some really big baby movements from Baby A; Baby B is sometimes hard to find when he crowds to the right (he must like to cuddle his sister)
*arm/hand numbness mild
*hand and foot swelling increasing again, especially in ankles
*discomfort/immobility -- not bothering me as much
*poor sleep -- some nights horrible insomnia
*frequent bathroom breaks -- increasing again
*knee pain -- coming back after my first day back at work
*itchiness with foot swelling --slightly increased again
*very tired
*smaller appetite
*round ligament/pelvic discomfort
*Braxton Hicks or contractions?

Less than 3 weeks to go!


Katie said...

I love your blog. You look so great! That shirt is really cute. You are doing amazing with your pregnancy and I am so excited for you to meet your little ones. I'm sure you'll do great and they are so lucky they made it this far. Feel free to call or chat or message if you have any questions but, hello I don't know much. Best of luck to you

Mom said...

Totally can tell you have two in there in the front view pic. You're doing so good with this. Hang in there!