Thursday, September 24, 2015

34 Week Update

34 weeks!
Last week I set 3 progressive goals for myself: 
1. Hold off labor until I received two steroid injections
2. Hold off labor until my SIL had her baby (due this week)
3. Hold off labor until 34 weeks.

I am happy to say I have met all three goals! What a relief, as babies born after 34 weeks have a very good prognosis. Hopefully lung and feeding reflexes are getting closer and closer to normal development and we are getting farther and farther away from a NICU stay when the babies decide it is time to come.

I had my 34 week appointment yesterday and things were looking very good. We had another Non Stress Test (heart rate monitoring for babies). Every time we have done this the nurses and doctors rant and rave about how great the babies are doing. Their heart beats are pretty easy to find and they evidently have great rates. I sometimes get a little nervous that I can't feel Baby B very well so I am always glad to see him trucking along on these tests, just like his busy body sister who I feel very distinctly. And my cervix has been relatively stable since I was checked in the hospital.

I lost about 5-6 pounds this week! My doctor checked amniotic fluid levels on ultrasound yesterday just to be sure and things looked good. I think it is fluid as I perceive I am much less puffy than I was before.

My contractions have eased up and I haven't had any of that crampy back pain for a few days. I have been trying to do a little more around the house to test how I am doing and while I get very tired, I seem to be doing well! This is good because my nesting instinct is kicking in strong and I really want to have the house cleaned up and organized before the babies come. My pregnancy insomnia was really flaring up last night and I found myself doing dishes and cleaning out cupboards at 2 am. Yawn! Too bad I feel so tired this morning I haven't got anything else done today. It seems like I can't quite get caught up  as I keep getting more boxes full of baby gear arriving at my door. Who knew babies needed so much stuff!

The babies dropped on Sunday. Suddenly I noticed I had space between my chest and my belly and I can feel the babies kicking much lower in my pelvis. And suddenly I feel like I can breathe!

I plan to ease back into work next week with a shorter schedule. Honestly, I think we are all a little nervous about getting caught that far away from the hospital if I go into labor. We will give it a try and if I have a problem it is nice to know I am just a few minutes away from the Labor and Delivery Unit there. I am also hoping I will feel well and not too exhausted or sore. 

Week 34:
Weight: 181.2 lbs
Total Weight Gain: 39.2 lbs 
*I went from my highest weight gain of 45.3 lbs to 39.2 lbs this week. The last time I weighed close to this was Aug 26 when I was 180.5 lb.

*some really big baby movements from Baby A; Baby B is sometimes hard to find when he crowds to the right (he must like to cuddle his sister)
*arm/hand numbness mild
*hand and foot swelling decreased
*discomfort/immobility -- not bothering me as much
*poor sleep -- some nights horrible insomnia
*frequent bathroom breaks -- less than before
*knee pain -- haven't noticed much
*itchiness with foot swelling -- not bad this week
*very tired
*smaller appetite
*round ligament/pelvic discomfort

Less than 4 weeks to go!

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