Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gender Reveal

We can't wait to spill the beans!

Its a girl! And a Boy!

We found out at 16 weeks 2 days that we were having a little girl and a little boy! I had an unexpected ultrasound a few days after my 16 week appointment because I was having some spotting and cramping. Luckily, everything checked out fine and we found out about a month early about the flavor of beans we would be having!

We decided to keep it a secret for a few reasons. First, we knew it was early and our OB warned us it was possible it would need to be confirmed on our 20 week scan. And secondly, we weren't sure if we wanted to do a gender reveal party to announce or not so our indecision caused some delay.

After thinking about it all this time, I decided I didn't have the energy, creativity, or number of friends (at least in the area) to make a party worthwhile. So $20 worth of jelly beans later (man, at $7.99/lb those cute candy stores really get you fast!) we let our family know what kind of beans we were having and made the rest of you suffer in suspense another month or so. Sorry! It was awkward when people would ask so I would try not to be too misleading by saying something like, "We are supposed to find out in June."

Announcing to some of our family last month at one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago.

We are very excited! My instinct was a boy and a girl but I had a dream the ultrasound showed two girls. I was disappointed in my dream because I really thought it would be one of each and was emotionally prepared for that outcome. I thought baby A would be my girl and my busy baby B would be my boy.

My doctor found baby A right away so I was nervous, wondering if my instinct would be right or if I would get two girls like in my dream. Abe wasn't there when I found out but was able to sneak away from work shortly after to see for himself. It was kind of cool to predict not only the genders but which baby was which!

So the heartbeat predictions weren't correct (people were telling me it was probably two girls because the rates were in the 160s) at first but interestingly now, our girl baby A is running about 20 beats faster than brother. Maybe those old wives know a little something?

Now to choose some names!


Thalia Rae said...

How perfect for you. I'm soooo happy for you both. Those will be some amazing babies? ;) Want to do residency over again?

Donna said...

A boy and a girl will be so much fun! Congratulations!
P.S. I still need to introduce myself to you. Next time I see you at a church thing or somewhere else, I will!