Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 16+ update

Here I am trying out rockers for our nursery. I feel like this picture is a good representation for how I feel!
Tired and big and ready for a long break!

At the beginning of last week I was feeling pretty amazing. I told Abe I felt like I was really able to finally enjoy my pregnancy. I am so grateful to be pregnant, with two healthy babies, and that so far I am healthy, continuing to work, and finally feeling good.

Now at the end of the week and starting a new week, I have been feeling a bit discouraged. I feel huge! I guess that is the point of pregnancy, but I feel way bigger and more pregnant than I feel I should while still in the "teens" weeks. I feel like I am six or seven months pregnant instead of four! I really am not purposefully comparing myself to other pregnant women, but I am bigger than practically everyone (meaning pregnant women) I know, which so far is only people farther along than me and even another friend pregnant with twins about 1-2 weeks ahead. My hands and feet started swelling and I feel like I have sausage fingers. I expected this, but didn't know I would have to take off my wedding rings at weeks 16.5! It just seems so early. Today my arms and hands are tired and I worry about being able to continue my work if things only get worse. And today I felt tired and nauseated and more blah than I have felt in awhile. I am hoping it was all of the activity from a weekend in Chicago, sore hands and arms from a 20 mile bike ride, and hours in the car.

I am beginning to wonder more how things will go, like how big will I get? How swollen? When will I stop being able to reach my toes? Will I have complications? Can I keep these babies in long enough?

I have chosen to keep an attitude of faith and am planning on things going great. But I guess I am just having a moment of question.

17 week stats: 
Week 16 day 6
Weight: ??? I feel so big I didn't want to see

headache --frequent
tiredness -- mostly evenings
hand and foot swelling -- mild but I did have a painful struggle to remove my wedding rings (already?)
gagging and vomiting after brushing my teeth (yuck!)

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