Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Weeks 12/13

So far things seem to be moving along pretty well with this pregnancy. Week 12 was a huge milestone -- I was finally able to complete my daily progesterone in oil injections and my three times per day oral estradiol pills. What a huge relief. I decided to celebrate my last injection by giving myself a hematoma -- the gift that keeps on giving even now at 13.5 weeks and I am sure beyond. Just a few twinges of painful joy to remind me that I made it through the worst of it.

Last one!
12 weeks of injection needles behind me!
Do you remember from before how many pills I was taking each day? Here is what my regimen looks like now:

Morning: 1/2 thyroid pill (and usually OTC colace)

Night: All OTCs! Prenatal vitamin, Unisom and B6 (for nausea), colace 

And no mid-day pills! Life is good!

Our 12 week ultrasound looked good. Both babies are growing well and on schedule. Baby B is still our wiggler, Baby A our sleeper. And so far we know they have faces, arms, legs, stomachs, bladders, hearts, and brains. Hooray for the little things in life.

Baby B
Baby A

12 week stats: 
Week 12 day 0
Weight: 151.8 lbs (office); 148.4 lbs (home)
Total Weight Gain: 8.4 lbs 
Blood pressure: 129/65

Baby A: 59.5 mm (12 3/7 weeks); FHR = 158 bpm; Location: Right
Baby B: 60.1mm (12 4/7 weeks); FHR = 165 bpm; Location: Left
Baby C: still shows up on the report (thanks for the reminder!) but not seen on US

fatigue-- moderate (decreased from severe)
nausea--worse lately but decreased frequency
real baby bump 

Now I am 13 weeks 5 days. I have been feeling better in waves. This seems to correlate a bit with going off my many medications, but may just be the progression of my pregnancy into my second trimester. I feel pretty good at times but when I feel bad I seem to feel worse than before. My energy is coming back. Instead of feeling like I ran two marathons each day, I feel like I was up all night on-call. I'm still tired, but it is much more manageable! I even went on a long walk the other night followed by a 10-15 minute run. Baby steps after not exercising at all for the past 15 or so weeks.

My bump feels big and it feels like all of my weight came on at once. I am hoping that's okay and trying to cut down a bit on how frequently I eat since my morning sickness isn't constantly present any more. My clothes are getting tighter but I haven't quite moved to a belly band or maternity clothes just yet. My symptoms are the same as last week but perhaps slightly better when I am better and worse when I am worse, even more.

I feel SO THIRSTY but water just sound yuck...so more pop and juice than ever before and hence the freezer pops. (FYI: Different diet habits like this are often the reason for maternal decay -- it's a myth that the baby leeches all the calcium from your teeth.)

And waiting waiting waiting for our 20 week US when we get to find out the gender of these babes. 

13 week stats: 
Week 13 day 0
Weight: 151.4 lbs (home)
Total Weight Gain: 9.4 lbs --man it seems to be coming on fast now!

fatigue-- mild - moderate 
nausea--worse lately but decreased frequency
growing baby bump 

Cravings: gummy bears, freezer pops, pickles. Anti-craving: cupcakes, the only thing I can't seem to eat! Too sweet.

Oh and one thing I forgot, holy emotions! I cry at everything! Music, the news, the Duggars wedding (HOLY COW -- I don't even watch the show, or know hardly anything about them and I was bawling), paper towel commercials, and basically talking of any kind!


Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

Love these updates! So bummed ( mostly for you but also because I really want to know the genders of these two little ones) that you have to wait clear till 20 weeks to have your gender ultrasound. I was hoping that you could get it done at 15 or 16.

Also if it makes you feel better, I cry watching the Duggers and I'm not pregnant anymore. I'm sure I'll be bawling during the birth episode that is on tonight.

Grant and Taryn Layton said...

Love your updates, thanks for keeping us up to date on your journey. So excited for you guys. Those are some lucky little babies :) hope you continue to feel better. And don't wait too long on those maternity pants, they're amazing, get as much use out of then as you can (although I know there's something to be said about still fitting in your normal pants).

Rachel Culmer said...

You are so prego! I love it. Unisom was my best friend during pregnancies!