Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thank You Maui Much!

Well hello there!

I think I just took maybe my longest blog hiatus in history!

Things have been pretty busy in the Sheffield home the past few months and I guess the past month and a half just got away from me. So, it looks like it's about time I post, and I'm thinking how something a little more positive and less serious sounds about right. After all, my life isn't all about infertility!

We we were ready for a little break (or two) and excited the association for my specialty took us to Hawaii for some continuing education and then a second conference for Abe in Orlando shortly after.

So what better way to cheer things up than than a little Hawaii and "The Happiest Place on Earth!"

We started our trip with a too short visit to Maui. Our first visit on the island, we were impressed. We spent our time mostly relaxing on the beach. (Which left me wishing for the first time in a long time --since eschewing tanning-- that I was golden brown as we stuck out like ghosts amongst all the very brown locals. We were the only "white" people on the local beach by our hotel, that's for sure!)

We made some time to enjoy an amazing Sunday Brunch.

We drove the road to Hana and found some waterfalls...

...some amazing views...

...ate famous banana bread...

...swam in a freshwater pool (with a legend about a Hawaiian princess)...

...and found an amazing black sand beach to rest our feet... (or not! Black sand is evidently made of lava rocks. It's like wearing stilettos -- looks great but does a number on your feet!)

...and take a swim.

All before we finally made it to Hana.

We were sad to say goodbye to beautiful Maui...

...but were grateful we weren't leaving Hawaii. Yet. Conference time!

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