Monday, September 2, 2013

"Shiny happy people"

At church we talked about trying not to compare ourselves or compete with others. This got me thinking about my blog and my use of social media.
I'm so popular I have my own fan club

I'm not surprised to see studies in the news lately about things like Facebook use leading to lower levels of happiness and satisfaction in life. I find that while I gain increased feelings of connection, friendship, and even self discovery through my blog, facebook, instagram, and pinterest, it does sometimes stir up feelings of jealousy, discouragement, or discontent.

Us at our shiniest and happiest, holding hands probably, too
It can be hard to see all of the "shiny happy people holding hands" (to quote R.E.M.) and not feel a bit like my life can be kind of bleak. And yet, before logging in I often feel happy and content.

We go on amazing vacations ALL the time!
Luckily most of my friends don't take pictures of the poopy diapers they have to change (yuck). And most of us aren't documenting every late night up without sleep with a crying baby, long hours at work, moments of loneliness or frustration, poor test scores, or family fights. We want to remember (or be remembered by) the happy moments--the vacations, the good hair days, the parties with friends, the life successes like a job well done on a test or even in cleaning out a closet.

But that is easy to forget when perusing online. I've tried to make my blog a pretty honest place. A place where I can remind myself to worry less about the image I portray to others and more about what really matters (a lesson in overcoming pride, really). A place where hopefully you can relate as other non-perfect but happy beings.
I'm so crafty I sew ALL the time (except when I'm on vacation, of course!)

I'm so successful and sometimes wear a suit
I was told that a lot of my recent posts seem sad or like I am lacking in confidence. That is not the message or image I am trying to share. My hope is that you will see a strong and confident woman who like most of the women I know continues to have struggles, doubts, and insecurities that she is facing just like you. Someone who despite successful days at work doing important things still feels bad sometimes when there are dishes in the sink, feels lonely at times, or has moments of body image insecurities. I am hoping I'm not the only one -- not that I want you to feel insecure or guilty or uncertain at times, too, but that you realize we are all in this together.

And we are awesome.

And just in case you think I'm kind of a Debbie Downer, I included some carefully selected Good Picture Monday pictures to hopefully make you feel a little insecure yourself as a way of over compensating for the past. Happy comparing! (Now, if only I had photoshop for maximum efficiency.)

I'm in such great shape! 

This picture was taken just the other day. Every day is like Christmas at our house! 

Thanks for indulging me (in letting me air my insecurities and my exaggerated captions today)!


Anonymous said...

Love you erin! I want to be part of the erin fan club. I need an erin shirt. I love Facebook because I get to see what all of my friends and family that live so far away are doing.

Shannon jerez

Anon said...

I love your thoughts. They are honest. Maybe some people struggle with the honesty because I think some people are so stuck on what they think they are "supposed" to think or feel.

As for FB, I can't see that it makes me sad. It actually makes me feel good to see people I care about, being happy...even if that is only an image they want to portray. (Does that make me a sucker?)

I get sad when I see someone who seems to be sad on FB and that is reflected in their posts. I think I have an overactive empathy gland, so I worry about them and wonder if there is anything I could do to improve their lives. So, I guess FB can make me sad, but not very often. SJ (anon) ha ha

Tawnya said...

Thank you Erin! I love it!! Sometimes I have to post terrible picture of myself just to bring myself back down from being so amazing! ;) I do wish I was a little more honest though on my blog. You are an inspiration!

Erin said...

You guys are so nice!