Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I found a list of conversation starters. I thought these could be good blog post ideas. Here’s the first one:
What TV shows are you embarrassed about watching?
I am actually embarrassed that I watch as much TV as I do! I feel like I should be one of those really interesting and cultured people who “don’t have time for TV” and only have time for classic books, organic asian cooking, and/or marathon training. But I find that TV really can be an escape for me. I wonder if this is because watching TV burns less calories than sleeping? I figure this must mean it is more relaxing than sleep—no wonder I VEG out after work in front of the boob tube (why is it called that, anyway?). Or maybe it is because I get enmeshed in the stories. I am definitely one of the yell at the TV at the end of a cliffhanger, “NOOOO!!!!” people.
From a “Who would ever watch that show?” standpoint, I am ashamed to admit I am hooked on The Bachelor. I really did start watching on accident (the TV was on and the channel didn’t get changed and next thing I know, I was hooked). It really is awful! Such an unnatural system of finding a spouse and totally designed for TV drama and as much heartbreak as possible. For example, at the end when they “have three (great) girls” left, they can choose to give them an overnight date. This means they (usually) have sex with three people. The next day they break up with one of them. The next week (not sure what this time frame is in real life) they expect the two people left to be ready to accept a proposal from someone who just had two one night stands, or in the case of The Bachelorette, expect both men to be ready to propose (and then turn one down on national TV). And then they have the opportunity to watch the show later, only to see their future spouse making out with and dating 25 other people while he was also dating her. Talk about making anyone insecure! Not to mention the fact that you have to listen to them talk about their “journey” and “the process” which basically means taking helicopter rides around beautiful places and making girls jump from high places in bikinis as a way to prove their “love.” But I got hooked and am now on my third season.
And from a guilty pleasure standpoint, I love The Walking Dead. Abe doesn’t really like the show (maybe that is part of my guilt). We tend to watch it at his parents’ house or a friend’s (we don’t have AMC!). His family tries to be friendly and social with me but unfortunately, always seem to come down to watch at the most inopportune moment (like when a zombie is getting his head bashed in). They are always like, “Oh! Wow. What are you watching?!” And then there is the awkwardness of the younger sisters getting interested but not really allowed to watch it while I am down there being a bad example. On Sunday.
I find myself thinking about zombies a lot when the show is in full swing. “I wonder what would happen if there were zombies there?” and certainly I dream about zombies on a regular basis. I feel a little bad about the gore but I rationalize with, “It’s not like I don’t see similar kinds of things (only alive) at work.” It’s a stretch, I know, but it works for me.
Anyone else willing to fess up?


Anne Cropper said...

I too, am guilty of watching way too much TV. Right now I'm on a Grey's Anatomy kick, and I probably average 3-4 episodes a day, which is way too much, but I can't stop!

I tried to watch the Walking Dead once, but zombies are like in my top 5 list of things that terrify me. Also, all I can think of when I'm awake with the baby in the middle of the night is zombies and where they would be hiding in my house, and how I would escape a pack of zombies.

Tawnya said...

I can't even watch a little of the bachelor or i am hooked! It is like a drug!!

Anna said...

Aw come on! Althought I really appreciate your trying to depict us as too refined and noble for zombies, you know you got me totally hooked last season and I was the one who got all excited and called you when it came back on! It IS true that the filter of motherhood does cramp my guilty pleasure style. The desire to at least attempt to preserve and respect the chance for my kids to enjoy childhood while they can definitely impacts what we watch. But I'll hide up in the master bedroom with you while they play games downstairs any Sunday you want!

MOL said...

okay, how did I post as Anna LOL! typical, typical. Lets see what they call me now