Friday, July 6, 2012

Parenting 101

What better way to teach your child responsibility than by having her return your keg?

Little girl carrying keg in IC

We spotted this the other day while driving and had to snap a few pictures. We wondered if maybe we misunderstood the situation.

“Hey Abe look, do you think that man is really having 7 year old return his keg?”

But as you can see, they are clearly going into “Liquor Downtown.”

“Yes, yes he is.”

Little girl with keg

You have to teach kids how to work from an early age. And I guess in the meantime they learn something about how to party, too.

*Two-fer* (spelling on a fake word anyone?)


Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

Thank you for posting this.. haha. The things people do.

Tawnya said...

Wow, really??!!?!