Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Doctors

Graduation 2012_Abe Camera 169

After 7 years of anticipation (for me, 8 for him) as I previously mentioned, Abraham graduated from Medical school and graduate school with his PhD in May.

Graduation 2012_Abe Camera 187

The three “Drs. Sheffield.” Crazy enough, I have only one of the five doctorate degrees in this picture! I always wanted to be “Mr. and Dr. ______.” Thanks Abe for letting me fulfill that (prideful) desire for a short time (before you totally overtook me in education).

Graduation 2012_Kristin's Camera 067

I was really happy that so many from both our families could be there to celebrate.

Graduation 2012_PhD_Abe Camera 006

Abe with his research mentor and faculty member (continued mentor) in Otolaryngology at PhD graduation.

Graduation 2012_PhD_Abe Camera 007

I love this picture of Abe. He looks so triumphant, happy, ascending figuratively and literally!

In case you were wondering, the gold and black robe is the PhD robe for the University of Iowa. The green “hood” denotes medicine, the blue is for the PhD.


*    *    *


So what’s happening now?

Today is day 11 of residency for Abraham and day 11 of my third year. Abraham is waking up early (about 3:30 am) for his Neurosurgery rotation and I am working in the surgical intensive care unit (shifts starting much later at 6 am).

It is fun seeing Abe around the hospital. Sometimes we are able to meet for a quick lunch or breakfast in the cafeteria. I see him when his is rounding in the morning with the neurosurgery team. People keep telling me, “CUTE!” when they see we are both in the hospital.


(The “Real” Doctor Sheffield sneaking out for some lunch)

He is much busier now than his time in medical school. Luckily, this month has a lot of time off (after 24 hour call shifts) for me. I have been preparing for the future by trying to get our house cleaned up and making frozen meals ahead of time on my days off. I really enjoy being able to go to the grocery store or the bank in the middle of the day. I feel like a “real person” having that freedom to do what I want when I want. I know a lot of stay at home mom’s must think what I do is exciting but I feel the same way about them. I was thrilled to go to the bank (the BANK!) while it was open and to go grocery shopping during the day last week. How refreshing. But oops, still woke up about 6am on my day off.


(Faking it on a 24 hour shift at the ICU, hoping patient’s families don’t see the DDS on my badge. Back at it again tomorrow.)

So here we are, living the life. Not as exciting as Grey’s Anatomy or anything like that (which is probably a good thing…Abe better be staying out of the broom closets, that’s all I have to say!). We are pretty busy, tired, trying to study and exercise and eat okay, see each other often enough, and squeeze the rest of our life into the small openings we have.

Speaking of shows, I think they totally need an oral surgeon in one of these doctor shows. Think of all of the drama that could come – the turf wars, the physicians who don’t think we should be in the hospital, the confusion about who we are and why a dentist is working as an ICU doctor? They wouldn’t have to be a permanent character but could be a good character from time to time. Anyone out there with connections? I’d be happy to write some scenarios.

Oh, and I think Abe would make a great replacement for Dr. Oz….


Mom said...

I think you would both be good on the show. Put some reality into it. Oh, that would be a good show too. The Dr-Dr & Dr Sheffield Show. Cool.

Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

What a genius Idea for a new character on Greys... Maybe you should apply for the part- Yes your life is glamorous!

Tawnya said...

Way to go Dr-Dr. Now you guys are the Dr/Dr Dr's. Love it!!

Abby said...

Yay! I loved this post. And, even though my job/school schedule was never anywhere close to yours, I know what you mean about running errands during the day--I used to feel the same way when I'd "escape" the office. I still enjoy it:) you guys are so legit.

Rachel Culmer said...

Dude, Abe could totally replace Dr. Oz! That would be awesome.

Where are the grad pictures that I took huh? Just kidding. Your photos look great.

About the DDS--I would be willing to bed that more than 75% don't even know the difference.