Thursday, January 19, 2012

Take a peak inside

photo (1)

I know, nothing keeps you  more interested than pictures of my closets!  But I was excited enough to post them. We moved into our house 18 months ago. We have very small closets and too many clothes to fit in them. I have never utilized the space very well because I was too clueless and unsure how to organize them. Silly to leave them empty because I was scared, but I did. This week one day after work I decided to at least try sorting things out. I feel like I made some progress and while I still have some empty cupboards and shelves, I am hoping to do better. I think they look pretty good considering I am totally inept at organization. And, I have tried to sort through my things and get rid of things I don’t need which is very hard. I worry I will become a hoarder but getting rid of a handful of things here and there has got to help a little! I try to remember that people may need my things more than I do. But I’d rather just get rid of Abe’s old stuff to make room for mine but I feel guilty doing that.

photo (3)

I feel like this New Year has been one of extra motivation so far. Cleaning closets, purging my life of negativity and clutter. I’ve had some successes keeping my house cleaner than usual, wearing makeup and spending a little extra time on my hair (even on early work days), eating better and exercising (although I did fall off the horse on this the past week or so), and studying more for work. I am hoping I can actually have a few resolutions stick this year! Some of them are very small and inconsequential (I made a goal to wear earrings every day. That is something I can do every day very easily and can give me a feeling increased discipline in my life).

I’d love to hear about your goals or any ideas for organizing.


Colt said...

My biggest goal is sleep. And I've been doing pretty good on it so far! I've also been working out.

Amber said...

Is this why I have been on a cleaning and organizing blitz? Some of that twin influence, huh? So funny--I've been doing the EXACT same thing this month. Cleaned and decluttered 3 closets, a pantry, under the bed, and have been working on eating better and working out. I didn't know it was your fault, though.

Rachel Culmer said...

Way to go Erin! I am so impressed. I find myself rearranging my closet every 6 months or so to keep things organized. But, after I do it I always feel better. :)

Tawnya said...

way to go Erin!! It looks fantastic! (Still if you want help, please call!)