Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Magic of Gnomes

I have a Swedish friend who told me the story of a traveling gnome. A family thought their garden gnome was stolen, until he sent them postcards for the entire year of his travels around the world. After a year, he came back home safe and sound. Maybe this is the idea behind the gnome for (or is it orbitz?). Anyway, I thought was a funny story but I didn’t think much of it until I received my own gnome.

I never thought I would be the owner of a gnome. Maybe that is why I didn’t give that story much more thought. However, my brother bought me a Hawkeye gnome when we moved into our first house. He has been sitting happily next to our door since we moved. I was worried the Hawkeye tailgaters might want to take him on a trip across the world (or more likely, another part or rural Iowa) without leaving post cards, but luckily he has stayed close by. I think the tailgaters respect Iowa pride (even if they don’t respect lawn chairs—if you remember one was stolen on game day last year).

I originally thought the gnome story was a fable, not unlike the Easter Bunny. A traveling gnome. That sends postcards. But lately I am starting to wonder about the magical talents of the gnome. Mine has turned out to have a personality, and he is quite festive.

The first time it happened I noticed we came home to find him wearing a blue surgical cap, not unlike the one below. He must have known I was coming home from a long day in the OR and was sympathizing with me. I wish I could find the picture but we just wiped our hard drive. I guess you’ll have to imagine.

Since that time he periodically has other ways of showing me he’s got a mind of his own. For example, he must have been unhappy with my lack of fall decor because he reminded me to celebrate Thanksgiving with this pumpkin.

photo (3)

A few weeks later he signaled it was time to put up the tree when he started wearing this Christmas sweater (a mug cozy).

photo (4)

Every time I see his new trinkets it makes me laugh. I’m pretty sure he has an accomplice, although I have yet to figure out who. I have a few ideas. I’ll have to share those on another day. Until then, I’m excited to see what he comes up with in the future!


Rachel Culmer said...

That is too funny! (And no...I'm not the one dressing him up). Keep us updated.

Colt said...

he he he...

Tawnya said...

that is really creative. I wish i had thought of dressing up your gnome.