Saturday, March 12, 2011


Each year we get 15 days off for vacation. Our program has a rule that we are not allowed to take time off in the summer months (June, July, August) as that is a transition period with new residents and by far our busiest time. We also aren’t allowed to really take time off during our rotations off of oral surgery.
What does that mean for me? I had to submit my vacation time early to ensure I was able to enjoy every last day (last year I had almost a full week I was unable to use due to scheduling…what a waste!). This also means that as I have been on other rotations for the past 6 months and prior to that was summer, I have almost three weeks of vacation coming up for the months of March, April, and May. Should be a nice way to break up the busy schedule!
Anyway, I fortuitously asked for a few days off around March 5, which just happened to be the day after Abe’s thesis. We felt the stars seemed to align and we definitely deserved a vacation. With a small budget in time and money, we first considered Vegas. There were some really great online deals. Until we realized one important point: VEGAS. We’re not huge fans for more than a day or two. We decided to head up to Chicago instead.
We stayed at the “historic Palmer House Hotel,” which facts streaming in the elevator stated is the “oldest operating hotel in N. America.” So it really is historic—I wasn’t just throwing around fancy adjectives to impress you. It is famous for this Tiffany’s “peacock door” which I wanted to walk through but they don’t let you do anymore.

We wanted to make sure we saw at least one show while we were in town. We decided to try Working, which tells the stories of normal everyday workers (cleaning ladies, steel workers, housewives, etc). It was a good reminder that “people are people no matter how small (their job seems).” Abe’s mom was in an off-broadway production when he was a little boy in Chicago so it was cool to see for that reason. Besides, it’s the “perfect musical for anyone who has worked a day in their lives.” We knew that was us.

We had the Sunday Brunch at a restaurant called Zed 451. This may have been one of the best meals I have ever had. It is one of those brazillian style grills where they bring out fancy meats as well as have a fancy salad bar. The food ranged from the best oatmeal I have ever had, vanilla bean oatmeal, to huge cinnamon rolls, buffalo chicken waffles, and ranch marinated beef. I wish I had pictures of the food (we were too fat to want pictures of ourselves afterward—j/k) but this is where we sat. I often read people’s blogs where they say, “Don’t worry, I didn’t eat it all!” As if I am judging their intake. And they are usually talking about a cupcake—which isn’t the whole purpose of a cupcake to be one serving that you don’t have to share? Anyway, “Don’t worry, we didn’t eat it all.” Only because we couldn’t possibly. We sure tried.

We did a bit of shopping at the Water Tower Place. I found two really cute boots on sale for 75% off at Macys. Here is Abe making me try them on for the camera.
That evening we decided to see another show (student tickets!). Unfortunately it was a lag period in Chicago theater with few options. We saw God of Carnage, which I guess is the winner of 3 Tony awards. Sounds good, right?

It was entertaining but I don’t think we thought it was nearly as funny as the rest of the audience. I don’t think we find as much humor in people behaving badly as others apparently do. I do have to say it was the first time I have seen vomit onstage!
About 10 hours after our brunch we finally decided to eat again at one of Abe’s favorite places
All of this was in one day! We know how to PARTY!


Diana said...

I'm so glad you had a well-deserved vacation. Next time you should vacation out here in NC! I miss seeing you, my friend!

nathan n rachel said...

Those are cute boots.