Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I became an aunt late last night for the first time. My identical twin sister had an emergency c-section after developing pre-eclampsia. She is still recovering from some liver and kidney damage but thankfully all went well with the delivery and hopefully she will be recovered soon without further complications.

The baby was 6 lb 2 oz and 18 in long, two weeks early. She is adorable. Everyone keeps saying she looks like Amber, so I guess that means I can hope for cute chidren in the future! Name is still pending.

Funny thought, yesterday about the time my sister was in the hospital I had a very distinct thought, "Feb 7, feels like it should be someone's birthday. Someone important."

Twin ESP?

Now if I can just get home to meet her. Maybe in April.


Heidi Henderson said...

congrats! It's so exciting! And thanks for the update! i always know I can count on you :)

nathan n rachel said...

Well congratulations Aunt Erin.