Friday, October 31, 2008

A SCARY Halloween

I decided that Halloween as an adult just isn't the same as Halloween as a child. Kids wear cute costumes and go with their parents house to house and overload on candy.

Adults, at least "adults" here at the University of Iowa wear not so cute costumes and do things their parents would rather not know about from bar to bar and overload on beer.

Abe and I decided to take a trip downtown to get future costume ideas. Here is what we learned:

1-pair bunny or cat ears with your favorite lingerie for an instant costume

2-be a professional (nurse, police officer, pilot, marine, etc) but add a little spice to it with a micro-mini and some thigh high stockings or garters

3- if really desperate, wear your favorite undie/bra combination under a men's white button down shirt for a "next morning" look

4- or, my personal favorite, can't find a shirt to go with your oversized fireman overall pants? No worries, just cover your nipples with the straps and no worries!

...In actuality, I found it very sad. Sad, that innocent costumes like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or cute bunnies, bumble bees, angels (?!), and respected professionals turn into girls selling themselves out for attention. I have never seen so many bums hanging out of skirts and shorts in my life. It is sad that the messages we send women are that being sexy is more important than anything else, and that careers dominated by women (nursing, cleaning, teaching, etc) are opportunities to show some leg. You can be anything from a "sexy dead girl" to "sexy garbage man," things that are not sexy. Halloween has long been one of my favorite holidays, but not if it is just an excuse to wear lingerie in public.


Amber said...

I was listening to Jim Gaffigan's "Beyond the Pale" comedy sketch today and he had a good point: Halloween is now "an excuse for women to dress like prostitutes." Sad, but true. I, too, was frustrated at the lack of options of tasteful Halloween costumes available to women nowadays. (Great comedy sketch, though. I highly recommend it for a good laugh!)

brenna said...

Yeah, i became disenchated with halloween a few years ago when i realized this. Pretty dumb

MrColtonJackson said...

man... here i was thinking that halloween just suddenly got cooler now that I am an adult

Anonymous said...

Adults don't eat all the candy anymore so they go for the "Eye-