Monday, October 13, 2008

I have been very busy this weekend. Luckily, I finished my Board exam at 9 am on Friday. Yay. I decided to spend the day doing things I wouldn't normally do, so I got my hair done (not at the Twin Image place, BTW) and started a project framing a mirror I have been too intimidated to start.

Abe and I then spent the weekend in Sheldon, Iowa 5 hours away for my friend Jamie's wedding.

This evening I worked at the free dental clinic in town and am preparing for my mom and sister to arrive in just 2 more days!


Abby said...

Sounds busy but productive and fun! What did you do to your hair? I'd also like to know what your mirror project is exactly--how are you framing it? I want to hang a mirror in our living room and would love some ideas.

brenna said...

What'd you do with your hair?

shawn said...

Way to go on the Boards.. Do you know when you find out? I hated the wait to find out for hygiene.. AND that had to be whimpy compaired to dental!! I am sure that you did a great job!!
Have you heard anything about OS?