Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trimming back

I always swore I would never be one of those girls who gained weight when she married. I used to wonder what changed that would cause such drastic changes in a girl's waist line. Well, now I know...a lot. I have noticed that some of my pants are fitting tighter and that I am a little softer around the middle than the day I married last year. Some of the contributing factors? I can't say for sure, but here are some guesses: I used to eat really unusual meals at times. For example, I love canned spinach (gasp!). Probably 3 times a week I would have a can of spinach and a salad or other vegetables for dinner. As a married woman who actually loves her husband, I don't think I could submit Abraham to that kind of dinner. The problem is, the food is often so good I eat more OR the things I make are probably higher in fat than the throw together meals I used to make. Not to mention, Abe is an amazing cook who loves making desserts! Secondly, there is a lot of stress that comes into marriage and starting a new life together --the wedding, moving in, establishing your sock drawer and a routine, etc. Not to say it has been bad, but big life changes mean big stress.

So, I have decided to improve upon my waist line once again through a bigger emphasis on health. This week we bought over $20 in produce (I hope we can eat it all before it goes bad). I even bought a jicama to expand the variety. I am now looking for healthy meal alternatives. Any ideas? Today I made a split pea soup and some bread bowls but I need more ideas for lower-fat, lower-cal, more veggie diets. Please share your ideas. You may have noticed that Abe's cooking blog, IronSheff, contains mostly yummy treats!


Jessica Sorensen said...

I said the same thing about not gaining weight when I got married but then I went up 2 pant sizes our first year of marriage. There is a magazine called cooking light and I think you can get stuff off their website. Just google cooking light and I am sure you can find it.

Rachel said...

Hey! great blog! can you tell I went up FOUR pant sizes in the last two years? and 30 pounds. man. If you find out how to trim back, let me know. I think you look good!

Erin said...

Thanks Rachel!

MrColtonJackson said...


Dave and Abby said...

Yeah, establishing a sock drawer is probably the biggest trial of married life so far, but still, let's address the lesser issue of health.
I found I'm more cuddly - ya know, like a bean bag, because Dave simply EATS more often than me. I was fine before eating a bowl of rice and vegies or just yogurt or cereal, and even then it was only a couple times a day, but that just won't do for Dave, and I eat with him, so naturally by eating more food more often...well? When I do make a meal of all produce (with rice or bread) he calls it "rabbit food." Try Sushi (it doesn't have to be raw fish, by the way.) Do you like jicama (pronounced hick-a-mu)?